18 November, 2007

Selling Obama Short, What We Have Is A Failure To... Imagine

I clicked onto this article from the SF Chronicle - Obama's transformative powers - expecting to read something insightful, not knowing who Debra J Saunders is. Boy, nothing could have been further....

The unfounded criticisms of Obama within the article underscore a larger theme permeating many Democrats' cloudy, and sometimes senseless support for Clinton: familiarity breeding consent. In other words, they'd trade the good ol' boy we thought we could have a beer with, for the wife of the other good ol' boy we already had a beer with. And because Barack's last name isn't Clinton or Bush, his "lack of experience" makes the rest of the "lurking" world scarier. The ignorance of Saunders' characterization of the rest of the world notwithstanding - I invite her to take a walk through any impoverished city within the U.S. to find out what else might be "lurking" - the infantile pining for Hillary reveals a lack of imagination and a blatant disregard for the idea of learning from one's mistakes. As a New Yorker, I am happy to say that Sen. Clinton is fine as just that - senator. Unfortunately, her infamy pre-shadows her. As president, she could only polarize, and would no doubt incite Republicans to draw up another Contract With On America. The fact that Obama has not been in D.C. long, or the White House ever, is precisely one of the reasons he should be the next president.