23 January, 2013

Sexy Sax Man

Sometimes I draw stills from films, and every now and then there are moments when it's worth it to pause a Youtube video and capture a scene.  Here's my homage to the genius that is Sexy Sax Man.
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23 November, 2011

This Thanksgiving, Experience Copenhagen (Sort Of)...


Friend and ITU faculty member Mark Nelson explores the give and take that Google Street View has to offer through cyanotypic "glasses."


05 October, 2011

We Know Who Our Enemies Are #occupywallstreet

Jeff Mangum plays at Occupy Wall Street

"All we had to do is start a revolution to see Jeff Mangum live."  Ha!

28 September, 2011

From the archives...

"WAR KILLS PEOPLE."  The Philadelphia Independent, Volume 1, Issue 7 (April 2003). 


26 September, 2011

Excerpts from "To Catch A Terrorist" (Harper's Magazine, Aug. 2011) by Petra Bartosiewisz

Photo credit: Times Union

On the trend of preemptive terrorism prosecutions:
When asked at a press conference following the sentencing whether there was anything connecting the defendants, particularly Aref, to terrorism, the prosecuting attorney answered, "Well, we didn’t have the evidence of that, but he had the ideology."
On the scope of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs):
The Los Angeles Police Department was the first to introduce SARs. Among the “suspicious activities” listed on its website are joggers stretching “for an inordinate amount of time” and people carrying on “long conversations on pay or cellular phones.”
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