05 November, 2007

Samantha Power Breathe's Life into Obama's Campaign

I can't believe I forgot to post this by now:

Barack Obama for President, '08.

Ok, now onto the more interesting part, which is the recent addition* of reknowned author and scholar Samantha Power to Obama's Campaign. In an interview on MSNBC (with an interminably obnoxious host formerly known for sporting a bowtie - thank you, Jon Stewart), the bottom of the screen lists Power as Obama's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, which, if true, could be the best move so far Obama has made for his campaign. ("Note to self regarding campaign: less re-closeted entertainment, more Pulitzer Prize-winning, teaching-at-Harvard advisors.")

*Apparently she's been advising Obama for a while; it's only her tv appearances which are recent. Here she is on Charlie Rose: